Overhaul to Kronos freighter changes

Jump freigher and freighter Kronos changes

With help from the new CSM CCP have revisited their changes to freighters which introduced rig slots whilst nerfing cargo and shifted the change so that both freighters and jump freighters have three low slot modules and no rigs.

This is a great change as it introduces versatility to the freighters and jump freighters giving you the choice to refit as required. With rigging being pernament and irreversible without loss the change previously saw only small benefits especially for jump freighters which were clearly being heavily nerfed.

To ensure that no really crazy fittings begin to appear all freighters and jump freighters get a meager 3 PG and 1 CPU with jump freighters having the same power grid and 5 CPU. To ensure they can still fit reinforced bulkheads to structure tank they also receive a 100% reduction to reinforced bulkhead CPU usage bonus.

CCP Fozzie stated that his expectations are that most Freighter and Jump Freighter pilots will use their low slots to mix and match the following modules:

  • Expanded Cargoholds
  • Reinforced Bulkheads
  • Inertia Stabilizers
  • Overdrive Injector Systems
  • Hyperspatial Accelerators – New warp speed module
  • Adaptive Nano Platings – Potentially for armor tank fits, but will be rare as most HP in structure
  • Capacitor Power Relays – Potentiall for jump freighters although most simply dock and undock
  • Jump Fuel Conservation Modules – New module coming in the Crius release

With a full set of expanded cargoholds a freighter will see between 21-25% improvements in current maximum cargo capacity. Jump freighters also see an improvement of between 1-2% which whilst not being much is significantly better than the larger nerf they previously received.

In general the changes look really good and are very interesting for example we’ll start to see freighter pilots carrying around a bunch of modules so that on their return journey they have improved warp speed and align times whilst on the outbound trip it’s likely that most pilots will simply max out cargo. With regards to the new jump fuel conservation module coming in Crius I feel its likely this will reduce cargo space and be designed to effectively make smaller jump freighters with lower operating costs so that they are more frequently used by individuals looking to ship a single packaged ship for example.

If you’re wondering what else is changing here is a summary of all of the raw data that has changed for these ships. The new value is provided next to the change in the value which is in brackets.

Ship Providence Charon Obelisk Fenrir
Role bonus +100% internal bulkhead CPU reduction +100% internal bulkhead CPU reduction +100% internal bulkhead CPU reduction +100% internal bulkhead CPU reduction
Low slots 3 (+3) 3 (+3) 3 (+3) 3 (+3)
Powergrid 3 (+2) 3 (+2) 3 (+2) 3 (+2)
Shield 10000(+5000) 50000(+44000) 14000(+10687) 48000(+42375)
Armor 46000(+22000) 15000(-5000) 40000(+17500) 22000(+750)
Hull 100000(-12500) 77500(-28750) 110000(-10000) 65000(-35000)
Cargo 435000(-300000) 465000(-320000) 440000(-310000) 435000(-285000)

As you can see the Charon actually receives a bit of a hit here with no low slot module providing shield resists its gained shield HP in exchange for lost Hull HP is wasted. This leaves the Charon the most flimsy of the freighters but also the one with the largest cargo capacity. On the other hand the Obelisk still has a massive amount of hull which can be bumped up further with reinforced bulkheads whilst also having the second best cargo capacity. This seems a little out of balance being honest but if it does improve Obelisk sales as a manufacturer I definitely won’t be complaining.

What is also interesting is that as soon as you put on expanded cargoholds your EHP is reduced even further still further reducing the survivability of freighters when in their standard hauling as much as possible configuration. This is a nice touch and really nicely applies EVEs risk vs reward mechanic.

The jump freighter changes are just as interesting the following table is structured the same as that for freighters but there are a few additional changes.

Ship Ark Rhea Anshar Nomad
Role bonus +100% internal bulkhead CPU reduction +100% internal bulkhead CPU reduction +100% internal bulkhead CPU reduction +100% internal bulkhead CPU reduction
Low slots 3 (+3) 3 (+3) 3 (+3) 3 (+3)
Powergrid 3 (+2) 3 (+2) 3 (+2) 3 (+2)
CPU 5(+4) 5(+4) 5(+4) 5(+4)
Shield 12000(+6000) 60000(+52800) 16800(+10424.4) 57600(+50850)
Armor 63600(+26400) 18000(-6000) 48000(+21000) 26400(+900)
Hull 96000(-15000) 93000(-34500) 132000(-12000) 78000(-42000)
Shield EM N/A N/A N/A 25(+25)
Shield Thermal N/A 40(+20) 30(+10) 30(+10)
Shield Kinetic 47.5(+7.5) 47.5(+7.5) 55(+15) N/A
Shield Explosive 62.5(+12.5) N/A N/A N/A
Armor EM N/A N/A N/A 70(+10)
Armor Thermal N/A 58.75(+13.75) 43.125(+8.125) 43.125(+8.125)
Armor Kinetic 34.375(+9.375) 34.375(+9.375) 51.25(+16.25) N/A
Armor Explosive 40(+20) N/A N/A N/A
Agility 0.055(+0.005) 0.055(+0.005) 0.055(+0.005) 0.055(+0.005)
Align time 68.62(+6.24) 73.20(+6.66) 71.67(+6.51) 62.52(+5.68)
Signature 2800(-12) 2930(-2) 2880(-4) 2700(-8)
Cargo 135000(-140625) 144000(-150375) 137500(-143750) 132000(-138000)

With the jump freighters it seems to be a trade off between align time and cargo space with cargo space increasing and align time reduces. The slowest to align is the Rhea whilst the fastest is the Nomad. The addition of T2 resists is a great change improving survivability even with the reduced structure HP, where N/A is shown in the table above it simply means that there is no change not that resists are zero so overall JFs have a very reasonable set of resists.

Once again I see the Gallente jump freighter as the most survivable with the Anshar having the highest base hull and good armor which allows for a good mix of adaptive nano platings and internal bulkheads to provide the best EHP. With fitting tools being updated with numbers from the Kronos build it should be easy enough to play around and optimise your loadout for EHP before Kronos is released.

Jump freighters will really only start to get interesting with the introduction of Jump Fuel Conservation Modules which is coming in Crius in just under two months time until then its highly likely that most pilots will fly with expanded cargoholds most of the time as its simply not ISK effective to jump around without as full as possible cargohold. With the base cargo being under half of what it was previously it simply wouldn’t make sense to fly it with anything other than expanded cargoholds in my opinion.

I’m really happy that CCP decided to take a second pass on the proposed changes and feel it’s made a massive difference to the quality of the changes being delivered. Unfortunately others much like myself had already started to invest in rig materials and will be loosing out on ISK but getting much more versatile freighters is something I’m happy to lose a little ISK over.

  • Dirk MacGirk

    IB4 “you got Jester’d” re: buying rig stuff on speculation
    Otherwise good article. I really do wonder if CCP put out the first proposal as bait so after everyone raged they could put out this, more logical, solution and less players would find fault with it.

    • http://www.evemanufacturing.co.uk/ Danny Centauri

      Well I fell for it if they did! Speculation is very much like a trip to the casino but I just can’t help myself.