Improved and new pirate implants coming in Kronos

Pirate Implants Banner

Ever wanted to fly around with low grade slaves but couldn’t stomach the loss of the attribute bonus when compared to standard implants. Well CCP Fozzie saves the day with an announcement that come Kronos low-grade and high-grade pirate implants will both see a +1 boost in their attribute modifiers bringing high grade in line with +4 implants and low grade in line with +3 implants.

This isn’t the only change coming to pirate implants but should be enough to encourage more wide spread usage especially of Crystal implants with pimped out Raven pilots everywhere having no excuse not to upgrade to high grade Crystals now that there is no loss of skill training. Expect to see higher traded volume of some of the less popular implants too there’s no reason now not to make better use of implants such as Harvest and Centurion implants as there is no longer any need for a specific learning jump clone effectively freeing up a jump clone slot!

Another big change coming as part of the overhaul of pirate implants is that each of the current low-grade pirate implants is being promoted to become mid-grade implants. More interestingly the reason for this is the introduction of another lowsec perk new low-grade pirate implants that are found exclusively in lowsec exploration. The new low-grade implants will provide between 63-68% of the bonus of their mid-grade brothers but will only provide a +2 attribute modifier which makes sense but may deter wide spread use.

The set bonuses for the new low-grade implants are as follows:

  • Snake: 10.5% Velocity bonus
  • Slave: 20% Armor HP bonus
  • Crystal: 20% shield boost bonus
  • Talisman: -17.4% Energy emission systems duration bonus
  • Halo: -9% Signature radius bonus
  • Nomad: -17.4% Agility bonus
  • Centurion: +20% Ewar optimal range bonus
  • Edge: -17.4% Reduction to booster side effects
  • Harvest: +20% Mining laser range bonus
  • Virtue: +20% Probe scan strength

You’ll notice that the Ascendancy is missing from these changes as it’s being treated a little differently there will be a high-grade (+4) and mid-grade (+3) set but not a low-grade set for now. Whilst these implants will all initially be lowsec exploration only they will later be added to the relevant LP stores so will become much more affordable in a future release. It’s also worthwhile noting that there is an exclusion to these changes the Faction Warfare sensor strength implants are changing so that the high-grade gets a +4 modifier whilst the low-grade will remain low-grade with only a +2 modifier to me this hints at a later introduction of a middle of the range sensor strength implant in a later release.