Principles of industry in EVE Online – A dev blog synopsis

First off before getting into reviewing the latest dev blog from CCP Greyscale a quick apology for being AWOL over the last couple of weeks with no new posts about the upcoming Crius release. I’ve been dragged away from EVE with some RL freelance web design work but fortunately whilst I was gone very little actually changed.

No new features have been announced and the only real changes have been tweaks to current work especially those made by CCP Greyscale to blueprint stats. The rebalancing of blueprints to have longer invention times and shorter manufacturing times wasn’t well received for T2 module manufacturers who were concerned that this gave T2 BPO owners too large of an advantage. In reality the vast majority of T2 BPO owners are losing out as manufacturing costs will be closer between T2 BPOs and invention; it’s simply module and ammo BPO owners that may get a small boost out of the change.

On to the dev blog, the latest dev blog isn’t a feature discussion but more of an overview of the design philosophy at CCP and how they are looking to change industry. Originally CCP set out with two goals for the industry changes they were making:

  1. To make industry easy to understand – Right now loads of things are hidden away just one example of this is the chance that your invention job will be successful. CCP want to remedy this and give players all of the information they need to make informed decisions from within the client. This doesn’t mean that third party tools and websites are being pushed out the door as there will still be loads of room for optimisation in industry especially now that installation costs are going to vary wildly depending upon which system you install the job from.
  2.  Industry should be interesting and skilful – Right now it’s a case of if you have the skills then you’re as good as you can get at industry other than a little bit of research to select the right things to build even then the skill is minimal as tools like EVE ISKperhour do most of the work for you. CCP want to change this and make industry more dynamic and skilful the first step in this is encouraging you to assess how and where you build especially if you’re building on a large scale.

Whilst Crius is only the first of the changes coming to industry it will be the biggest and definitely sets the tune for future industry work to come. We should also be seeing follow up work with large changes to both invention and reverse engineering mechanics. The whole idea of these changes is not only to give us more options and control but also to make industry a more engaging activity. Personally I haven’t moved from my industry hub in over 3 years so I feel it’s definitely about time I was encouraged to do so and I’m really looking forward to seeing how the community responds to the changes that are coming and the general shift in direction for EVE Online industry in the future.

  • Random McNally

    An interesting blog, to be sure. We discussed this a bit on the podcast last night with Mike Azariah. Have to confess, I’m still a little nervous with how this will affect my industry.