Prospect Manufacturing Update

Prospect manufacturing and invention

It’s clear that a lot of players we’re interested in the Prospect market come Kronos release day with the volume being traded on the market being relatively high for a new item. With this high level of competition the price of the Prospect dropped much faster than I would have ever of anticipated and was floating in the region of 25mil per unit when I checked this morning.

Whilst getting the initial sales required the use of decryptors to reduce manufacturing time and be first to market we’re now getting closer to the point at which prices are normalising. This ultimately means that more players will move away from using decryptors in favour of keeping manufacturing costs as low as possible. At best your costs can be reduced to 17.5mil per unit but in order to do so you must manufacture all of the T2 components and the hull yourself; doing so will currently leave you with profit in the region of 7.5mil per unit.

Personally I chose to try and scale manufacturing of the prospect up as far as possible preparing materials for 407 in total, with an investment of just under 8bil in the project which includes the cost of additional POS modules and fuel. To date I have sold 88 units for 2,772mil ISK at an average of 31.5mil per unit, this gives me profit in the region of 1.2bil or 400mil once I take off the other expenses such as POS fuel and small advanced ship assembly arrays.

With another 319 to build I’m expecting minimal profits in the region of 4mil per unit which should leave me with a final profit over a week of 2.5bil once I sell the excess POS modules that I will no longer require. Whilst this seems like a reasonable sum it’s a relative waste of a week for myself as I’ve been left with several characters without jobs running due to them not all being skilled to produce the Prospect. Overall whilst it’s been fun building the Prospect I should have probably stuck with only the first batch of 50 and then moved back over to something more reliable and steady such as T2 logistics production.