Recall program ends soon

Recall reward program - ORE Mackinaw banner

The recall program will be ending pending evaluation at the end of May which means if you’ve got a friend to bring back to the game then do so now. Earlier today CCP Falcon made the following announcement on the forums.

CCP Falcon recall program

As you can see CCP are looking for feedback so if you’ve already made use of the program much like myself then go to the forums to leave feedback. Personally my experience was that it’s bizarre to have the ORE Mackinaw skin as the top level and bottom level prize. This encourages players to only do the first and second tier prizes to get the more valuable PLEX reward and then switch to an alt account to continue sending invites. Personally I believe that the top tier should be the PLEX with unique bottom and mid tier rewards.

On another note if you’ve already claimed a Mackinaw skin it may be worth waiting a couple of weeks before selling as when the supply stops its likely that prices will increase as long as there is still a demand to buy.