Recent changes to Kronos and Crius

EVE jump freighter industry

Between the 12th and 15th May there have been a lot of active developers on the forums discussion further refinements to Kronos changes they have already announced as well as additional little things that we can expect in Kronos. This update is a summary of those changes which will be integrated into my main patch notes post at some point later today also.

  • The number of k-space to k-space wormholes is increasing – We’re going to see the chance of lowsec to lowsec increase to 20% and lowsec to nullsec increase to 9%. Lowsec to highsec chance is remaining the same to prevent it from effecting space truckers too much.
  • NEX changing to New Eden Store - The New Eden Store is an overhaul of how CCP manage stuff for PLEX and Aurum purchases. We’re going to see AUR move to an account wide resource rather than per character as well as services like re-sculpturing and additional training queues move into the New Eden Store to increase visibility.
  • Hull tanking tweaks – Reinforced bulkheads are being changed to have a cargo penalty rather than velocity penalty the same also applies to the rigs which will have a cargo penalty when they are introduced.
  • More UI and usability improvements – There’s a load of changes including the ability to drag and drop some chat channels to provide a link to them, two different warp disruption icons one for scramblers and one for disruptors, fleet adverts easier to create as previous settings saved, right click menu to clear broadcasts in watchlist and a whole host of other little improvements.
  • Crius invention change  – CCP Greyscale has hit the forums having gone through a lot of feedback and has made some more announcements. These includes changing invention BPCs to not have negative ME and TE levels but in the region of 1-5% ME and 2-10% TE. This may require increases in T2 build costs also so that the demand for T2 components isn’t nerfed which is a massive change.
  • Crius other industry changes – Starbase structures to be able to build in a Starbase, lowsec only component array to make it more competitive with null sec, copy times and copy cost per run being tweaked further (work in progress), original high ranks for capital BPOs are being reduced significantly and increases to max copy runs of capital component and nanite paste BPOs.

It’s great to see the developers so active on the forums and listening and responding to feedback, looks like they are really making the most of the fact that deadlines are now more flexible by working closer with the community.