Release day manufacturing – The Kronos release Prospect story

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Having once again involved myself in release day manufacturing even as a relatively experienced player and mass manufacturer I found myself schooled by more experienced release day manufacturers.

I started to install jobs about 10 minutes after the release went live caught slightly off guard by the early launch of Kronos, I knew from the off that I may be slightly behind but hoped my POS close to Jita would give me a distinct advantage when it came to shipping. Invention jobs in I went about my day with 12.5 hours until the invention jobs completed at 01:40 EVE time.

Having set my alarm clock to install the manufacturing jobs the second the invention jobs compelted I decided to get an early night. Unfortunately not feeling so sharp thanks to something not quite right with my takeaway the night before I was reluctant to get out of bed having struggled to get any sleep. I lost another 20 minutes getting my head off the pillow so 30 minutes down I battled on but by now it already proved unlikely that I would be the first to get to market. To make matters worse once my jobs were installed I discovered the landed in downtime losing me yet another 10 minutes on my delivery time, my 40 minute delay would guarantee I wouldn’t be the first to market.

With a manufacturing time of 9 hours 20 minutes I forgot about one important thing that I could have saved just over 22 minutes if I had used the Zainou ‘Beancounter’ Industry BX-804 implant which reduces manufacturing time by 4%. I’d lost an hour on my delivery time in total. Some more experienced players managed to perfect the whole delivery process delivering their manufacturing jobs an hour earlier than myself and getting the first Prospects to market about ten minutes before downtime hit at just over 300mil per unit with their first unit selling at 320mil at close to 300mil profit.

My first 8 units averaged 58.5mil per unit, but getting them to market quickly incurred a slightly increased 22.5mil build costs due to the cost of the decryptors used. Still I was happy with a relatively easy 288mil profit from the initial rush, less than the profit that the fastest individual made selling their first unit.

With the price quickly dropping in Jita and my next batch of 21 units coming out of the oven at 17:00 EVE time it’s still uncertain what the final profit will look like. Currently the prices are at 62.5mil sell orders and 30mil for buy orders. With a lot of other manufacturers getting involved too the market may be completely flooded within the space of the first few days dropping profits to a meagre 3-4mil per unit within a week.

It’s great to know no matter how long I play EVE or how much I learn about manufacturing there’s always going to be a better player out there beating me to the best profits. This is the true PvP nature of EVE at its finest. So often we only consider the destructive nature of player interactions it’s hard to forget that PvP applies at all levels including manufacturing and ensuring that you’re the one making the best profit.



  • Celor Ma’fer

    I set my 8 invention jobs off as soon as the servers came back up, I had actually planned for this weeks in advance, thanks to this site, stocking enough mats that I could afford (15) and waited. Would you believe it only 1 out of my 8 inventions was successful :-( and it was using a decrypter that made the final PE -5

    By the time I got to market the prices had plummeted to around 60mill and it sold at 54mill. I know it’s still a great profit, but I was a little disappointed that I missed out on the 250mill time.

    Thanks so much for all the guidance and updates.

    • Danny Centauri

      Thanks for the story my luck wasn’t much better 50 invention jobs 19 of which succeeded. Day one sold at average of 50 mil today down to 22 mil average with about 300 left to build and sell.

      Looks like I went a tad overkill frigates being so cheap proved too easy to floods the market with. Wish me luck turning my 8bil investment into a profit as it’s looking ropey at best :).

      • Celor Ma’fer

        Good luck indeed, you deserve it for the amount that you have helped me alone. I’d try further afield, Metro and Heimatar are holding around the 30mill mark and I’m sure if you found a good place on the edge of low/null you may have a bit of luck

        • Danny Centauri

          Thanks you may want to take a look at my latest post on decryptors to prepare for the changing face of invention come Crius.

  • Tatius

    I had also used you blog and prepared (I thought) well. My new(ish) manufacturer was training Frigate Construction V and would be done just before DT for the update. All would be fine. I had my invention character ready with everything needed and my manufacturer had enough material to build 40.

    I got invention started a little late due to being at work but only an hour and
    a bit. It meant that they would complete around 4am UK time. Setting my alarm I
    got up in time. Most jobs had been successful. Great. I whisked the BPC’s over
    to my manufacturing base in a Leopard and transferred them to my other

    I hit manufacture and it said something was missing…. what?!? I had checked several times…… Plasma Physics! I hadn’t trained it. Worse than that I didn’t have one of the pre-req’s, a 4 day train to a lvl V. How on earth did I miss it?!?!?

    Somehow at 4am I kept my head. Whisked a few of the BPCs to the nearest trade hub and got them up on contract. Sold a 3 run, ME-3, PE-5 (or was it -4) for 100m isk and another for something like 80m. Still pretty decent profit.

    I now have a few of them built and ready to sell on the market tonight and I will still make the rest. It was the first time I had ever tried day one production in Eve (only been playing 9 months). It was great fun even if it didn’t go how I wanted.

    • Celor Ma’fer

      Gutted. One of my friends also did a lot better on the invention side than I did, but he had missed the fact that to build them you would need Frigate Construction V and he only had level IV :-/ He ended up just passing the BPs and mats onto another friend to build and they shared the profit