Researching, the future a dev blog synopsis


The simplification of material efficiency (ME) and production efficiency (PE) seems a little bit overkill. Renaming PE to TE (Time efficiency) makes sense but the simplification of ME and PE to only have 10 levels seems over simplified. There are changes to copying too that reduce copy time to below build time this this is very interesting and makes copying for your own invention seem much more viable, even doing very large scale production I’ve primarily purchased BPCs in the past but the changes make creating your own copies more viable as less BPOs will be required.

Whilst CCP seemed to make a lot of noise about the changes to copying I believe the changes to ME and TE are much more important. To start with waste has been removed to simplify calculation, what CCP have done is make adjustments so that base material requirements haven’t actually changed. This now means that ME research can be viewed as ‘better than perfect’ something CCP aren’t really worried about introducing now that reprocessing only gives half of the base materials back. Overall nothing really changes here it just makes things look nicer.

The real change is actually in the way that ME research is completed and that it caps at level 10 providing a 10% bonus to material requirements in a linear fashion 1% per level. With TE research the bonus is 2% per level up to 20% at the level 10 cap. The time it takes to research each level still makes it much more time consuming to get to level 10 from 9 than 1 from 0 giving players with researched BPOs the same sort of advantage. The below research times are based on an ammo BPO:

Level Seconds Approx Total
1 105 1m 45s
2 250 4m
3 595 10m
4 1414 24m
5 3360 56m
6 8000 2h
7 19000 5h
8 45255 12h
9 107700 1d
10 256000 3d

It’s also interesting to note the way in which current BPOs are converted to the new BPOs. Current ME/TE 1 becomes the new ME 5%/TE 10%, whilst ME/TE 5-9 become ME 9%/TE 18%, and anything over ME/TE 10 currently move to perfect ME 10%/TE 20%. This will result in some angry people losing their overly researched BPOs small advantage as ME10 and ME100 are treated the same during conversion I’m OK with this myself and feel the changes are quite healthy progress to the game even if it does mean I have to rewrite every single page of content on the site come patchday… joy.

Overall I would simply call the whole thing a simplification of industry with no real current user benefit, it’s interesting to note that in the comments CCP said they are OK with ME related bonus’s stacking so a 5% ME bonus for outpost manufacturing would stack and reduce materials to 85% of base materials this becomes even more interesting when combined with the effects of teams.