Ship Skin Customization

Ship Skin Customization EVE Online

Whilst concerned about the effects of the success of Aurum microtransactions on the price of PLEX I’m also extremely excited to see how far CCP push ship customization. My only hope is in that doing so the look and feel of EVE Online isn’t lost and that we keep New Eden true to its dark and dreary feel, after all thousands of pink Thoraxs would only be amusing for a short amount of time.

With 20 new ship skins coming in Kronos and 12 of them Aurum only we’ll really start to see the impact of ship skinning on the ISK price of PLEX which should hopefully guide CCPs decision a little before a full ship skinning implementation. My only concern here is I’d rather have people able to fund their alts with PLEX and have more characters in game than only the minority able to fund accounts with PLEX making New Eden a quieter universe.

Here are a couple of examples from the Fanfest art panel:

Apocalypse ship skinning for aurum

Megathron ship skinning for aurum

  • Greg

    I would just be carefull with consistency of colors, especially when we use colors variations to differenciate a T1 from T2 ship

    • Danny Centauri

      Yeah agree completely be nice to have some consistency I’m not against ship skinning but can see it getting a bit silly.