Soft skills for manufacturing


Following the recent launch of my blog and website I’ve been receiving a few questions from new manufacturing players wondering what it takes to be successful and I want to dispel the biggest myth about manufacturing in EVE online.

There is no such thing as a begginer industrialist and advanced industrialist skill set.

The only things that vary between noob and elite are the number of slots you manage and the amount of ISK you have as capital to get started with your production. When we compare everything else its the same at every level from knowing what materials you need to buy, to knowing how long it will be in the oven and how much profit you will likely make when it comes out.

To start help and develop new players to have the skills they require at every stage of their manufacturing career I’m beginning to build resources in a new section of my website dedicated to the soft skills required to be a success in EVE Online, its not much right now but be sure to check back and see it develop also I’d welcome suggestion of other things to include.

To get started here are my top three soft skill tips for manufacturing in EVE online are:

  1. Treat your suppliers and distributers with respect, make sure they are getting a fair deal and will make a reasonable profit and your supply chain management will be much easier. If you are producing at low volumes with spare ISK sell yourself its alwlays more profitable.
  2. Learn your way around a spreadsheet, I use mine not only to calculate profit but to calculate how many of each component BPO I should be using to balance production times so no slot is idle, I also use them to record what each character is doing and when. With a bit of polish even at 200+ slots you will spend less than a hour a day to keep production running 24/7.
  3. Learn the basics of customer relationship management, my top purchases during 2012 all got presents this Christmas and I intend to do so again this year. Keeping your operation liquid at a large scale can be tricky, regular buyers are hard to find so treat them well when you do.

The rules that apply to real world business are pretty much the same in EVE, remember manufacturing really is srs bizniz.