Starbase structures impact on build cost in Crius


Come Crius the concept of industry slots is being removed, to ensure that all industry isn’t completed in the same few systems cost will scale depending upon activity. This means the systems with the most manufacturing activity will cost more to manufacture goods than systems which are rarely if ever used.

With this change player owned stations were also impacted with Starbase structures primarily being purchased in bulk to gain the required number of slots. To ensure that Starbase structures still have similar usage and consumption CCP have opted for Starbase structures to stack and reduce the standard work team (job installation) costs.

This means that an additional saving in the region of 1mil per unit could be made per battleship produced on top of the pure 2% ME cost savings. This means that POS based production is not only faster but also cheaper and quite rightly so now that you need to have your BPO or BPC in the POS itself during production.

If you’re wondering how the bonuses work here is the information as provided by CCP Greyscale:

Structure Type Percentage Bonus Per Structure Current Max Bonus
Advanced Small Ship Assembly, Small Ship Assembly 1% 27%
Capital Ship Assembly 5% 15%
Drug Lab, Ammunition Assembly, Drone Assembly, Component Assembly, Equipment Assembly, Rapid Equipment Assembly 0.50% 25%
Laboratory 1.50% 22.50%
Large Ship Assembly, Advanced Large Ship Assembly, X-Large Ship Assembly 3% 21%
Medium Ship Assembly, Advanced Medium Ship Assembly, Subsystem Assembly 2% 26%


The maximum bonus is based on the maximum number of the structure that can be anchored at the POS currently if only that module is fitted. The bonus is a straight linear bonus currently and there hasn’t been much in the way of balancing, what’s interesting is how this will effect both POS fittings and general POS module consumption. An example of this is that 50 component assembly arrays will be required for the full bonus, currently that would provide enough slots for 50 characters and even seeing 10 arrays is a rare sight.

We should expect a few modules to be a lot more heavily used after the change especially advanced assembly arrays which are losing their material penalties and component assembly arrays which will be essential in keeping T2 and capital component build costs down. We’ll know the true extent of the changes once the work team (installation) costs and usage levels on SiSi is made to mirror TQ as right now the numbers appear to be a random seed.

One other point of note is that currently you can still online and offline modules once jobs are installed, other than the one your job is installed in, which allows you to have loads of POS modules and keep your costs down by having one POS do multiple jobs whilst still having the job installation savings. CCP Greyscale confirmed that this isn’t currently considered game breaking so it looks like it could be a feature here to stay which means that some POS could be literally crammed full of stuff like a giant space piñata.

With a bit of luck the players themselves will moderate this behaviour by taking down expensive POS’s to unanchor and sell the modules. Otherwise expect to see every POS overflowing with modules and the prices of everything from PI goods to POS modules start to shoot up before the Crius release.