Don’t panic! T2 material increase balancing hasn’t finished yet

moon mining t2 material prices

Thanks to CCP Greyscale for responding to my post of the forums regarding the 50% increase in T2 materials which by my math appeared to be a third larger than is actually required.  This would slowly over time have resulted in rising T2 material prices, as Mynnna also rightfully said we shouldn’t worry about this too much as any change will be slow due to both the length of the T2 production chain and alchemy which acts as a pressure value to slow down inflation of the rarest of materials.

There was some concern that with all material requirements going up by 50% we’d see rising prices increase across the board, with a lot of the midrange moon materials such as Cobalt and Platinum seeing dramatic prices increases. The only prices that wouldn’t really be affected are low end materials however these could be increasing in price too due to the jump fuel consumption and POS industry changes. If overall POS usage and jump fuel usage increases then we’ll see ice prices and POS fuel costs increase. This often determines the low end material prices which are harvested almost as a necessity at close to a loss.

This is what CCP Greyscale said in response to my post:

…yeah, good point, the math is “mis-based”. I will fix this next week, at the same time as I fix the bit where I accidentally made everything T2 require 2x T1 items instead of 1x :)

If we’re lucky these changes should be expected on Monday ready for the first release of Crius onto Singularity Tuesday giving us better opportunity to test what the changes actually mean.

Whilst the price of each moon material is a somewhat arbitrary figure with prices changing to reflect the new material costs they still matter, as we’ll see a couple of things if the prices change dramatically come Crius:

  1. Players will be able to move less volume – higher prices means more ISK tied up in production and lower volumes shifted. This favours the more experience and richer player whilst making it hard for younger players to make as much profit. Some will say that you’ll still see the same percentage margin so it will make no difference but in my experience that hasn’t been the case, as a case study for this I reflected on my production costs for exhumers back during their first balancing changes and compared the profit margins on each one to my last set of numbers on exhumers a month ago.
  2. Players will go building crazy before Crius – if there’s a deadline on increasing building costs you can guarantee that players will increase production before Crius to take advantage of this. Whilst this is great news in the short term long term it means things could get a bit tough until we burn through the stock created from over production before Crius.

Overall whatever the change I’ll be happy as there will be opportunities for profit regardless of the level of balancing that CCP go to. Whether that will be from markets opening up that previously were dominated by T2 BPO owners or profit before Crius due to rising material costs makes no difference ever industry player with their wits about them will find a way to make better profits.

  • Michael Salhany

    Monday will be a day off for CCP. Bank holiday in Iceland. Best guess we will see rev 5 numbers later in the week.

    • Danny Centauri

      Ahh thanks for the info so looks like v5 BPO changes won’t be with us until next week or whenever they deliver the next Crius build to SiSi.

  • Jeff Kione

    As someone looking to get into T2 production, I’m hoping that the Crius changes won’t have a significant negative impact on new industrialists such as myself.