The EVE Kronos bug hunt

EVE Kronos bug hunt
As is to be expected new release means new bugs, a lot of these are due to be fixed in a release going out today. Here are just a few of the current bugs we’ve found reported and the dev responses to them:

  1. The Medium Micro Jump Drive currently has the wrong icon – GM Akilian replied to let us know that developers are aware and that this would be resolved shortly.
  2. Some Contested Covert sites don’t despawn – CCP RedDawn replied to state that the fix is due in todays update.
  3. T2 hull rigs can’t be invented yet – CCP Lebowski replied to say that a fix for this would hopefully be implemented today.
  4. Warp range on mining barges nerfed – CCP Fozzie replied to say this would be rebalanced and be released today, currently mining barges are struggling to get around systems which are bigger than 40au due to cap limitations.
  5. Drone link augmentor skill problem – CCP Rise responded to state it was unintentional that players who could previously use the Drone Link Augmentor can no longer do so. As soon as possible players with Combat Drone Operation V will be given Drone Avionics V, expect something in the next couple of days.
  6. New Eden Store issues – Some players are experiencing issues with being unable to access the New Eden Store CCP Lebowski and CCP Frellicus are hunting down the bugs for a fix to be released as soon as it’s ready. It appears there are some problems here replicating players issues.
  7. Ominidirectional tracking link II bonus doesn’t apply – CCP Fozzie responded to let us all know that this is actually a display bug and behind the scenes the bonuses are applying correctly. Still we should expect a bug fix soon.

To say how big the release has been we’ve done surprisingly well and haven’t seen any major bugs or problems large enough to result in CCP having to take down TQ. Overall Kronos has been a great release and has gone smoother than any release I can remember. The days of setting long skills for release days may soon be over as long as CCP maintains this level of reliability.

  • Lair Osen

    Yeah I wouldn’t expect a bug fix for the Omnis soon, that bug appeared when they made omni’s active in Rubicon, and I don’t think they really know how to fix it without changing a fair bit coding. You’ll notice that he didn’t actually say anything about it being fixed.