The New Eden Store – A dev blog synopsis

New eden store replaces the nobel exchange (NEx)

Today’s dev blog synopsis summarises the changes coming to the Nobel Exchange (NEX) which is being rebranded the New Eden Store. Notable changes are that aurum (AUR) will become an account wide currency rather than character specific and that the store and assigning items to characters can be done directly from the character login screen.

new eden store apply items from character screen


This is probably intended to increase the overall exposure to the New Eden Store and encourage more players to become involved with microtransactions. Overall it looks pretty good but it would be great to be able to assign your purchases straight to a character from the purchase confirmation window.

new eden store item purchase confirmation

There will also be a whole host of new items coming to the store currently there are roughly 45 items in the store with Kronos this will increase to 105 items more than doubling the current available items. This includes a nice mix of new clothing items as well as full sleeve tattoos and the 4 new ships skins which have previously been announced.

new eden store new ship skins

Personally I think that the Abaddon Tash-Murkon Edition is an awesome looking ship with the Hyperion Innerzone Shipping Edition being a close second I’m really tempted to pick both of these up come release day when they hit the market for ISK.

With release day sale of AUR tokens will be replaced with direct sale of AUR to prevent you jumping through hoops and there will also be a slight rebalancing of pricing so that you get slightly more AUR when you purchase it directly.

Aurum price changes
Number of Aurum 750 1750 3000 4500
USD 5 10 15 20

It’s also notable that you’ll be able to redeem the items in game easier with a inventory menu item devoted to redeeming items and soon players will be able to redeem directly to their cargo so that even wormholers can enjoy the pleasures of New Eden Store purchases without having to venture back to highsec to dock at a station and redeem their new wares.

new eden store in game redeem items

For now we’re limited to redeeming in station but it’s great news that this will be changing also there are a variety of other little changes to the store experience centred around filtering. One obvious one is that you can filter by gender.

new eden store filter items by gender

You can also filter ship skins by faction making it so you only see relevant item:

new eden store filter items by faction

Finally you can also filter by name and price both ascending and descending without any filters selected:

new eden store filter by name or price ascending or descending

Overall it is a great set of usability changes but it doesn’t end there as you can see in the image above items are also now going to be discounted from time to time giving you some great offers and limited time deals. Hopefully we’ll start to see some packages of mixed items in the future too, I think the introduction of 10 run BPCs with a 14% saving is a nice addition that will encourage bulk purchasing and encourage CCP to make some broader bulk package purchases similar to the packages like the racial combat packs that are available in Dust 514.

Finally I would like to thank CCP Xhagen for saving me from a lot of research this evening as I was planning to do my own research on the New Eden Store. This dev blog saving me the time and gave us some excellent quality graphics of the store to enjoy at the same time!