Deep Space Transports, Blockade Runners, Freighters, Jump Freighters and Medium Micro Jump Drives

Impel Deep Space Transport Ships Kronos
Some additional changes which are coming to us with the Kronos update have been posted on the forums. There have been a lot of players very eager to hear the changes to blockade runners and deep space transports so here’s my summary of the changes.

  • Deep space transports
    – All have a 50,000m3 fleet hangar with 5% bonus to capacity per transport ship level, as the fleet hangar capacity is not effected by modules this encourages players to fit a tank especially now they have more slots to do so. Additionally they have bonuses to overheating which makes transport ships capable of short burst tanking and propulsion.
  • Blockade runners
    – All of the blockade runners will have two highslots and improved cargo allowing them to exceed 10,000m3 cargo with t1 rigs. Additionally their previous tanking bonus is replaced with 5% bonus to warp speed meaning maxed out you reach 7.5au/s. Finally a fairly insignificant change is the introduction of T2 resists.
  • Freighters
    – Whilst able to use rigs come Kronos all of the freighters will see between a 27% and 30% reduction in base cargo. This actually means that freighters can see significant boosts to their cargo capacity a Charon with T2 rigs will have 1,100,000m3 of storage space and as such the size of packaged capitals is being increased to prevent them from being moved to highsec. [Note: Freighters and jump freighters have been changed again since this article read here for more information.]
  • Jump freighters
    – Unlike their T1 brothers jump freighters are going to lose cargo capacity overall due to only having two rig slots. With T1 rigs this will be in the region of 4% to 7%, or if you splash out on T2 rigs a 4% improvement will be seen over current maximum. Additionally jump freighters are being made to have lower agility and slower align times making it difficult for pilots to decide which rigs to select you either have to sacrifice agility or storage space no matter what rigs you choose an intentional nerf from CCP Fozzie. [Note: Freighters and jump freighters have been changed again since this article read here for more information.]
  • Medium micro jump drive
    – A new micro jump drive is being added for Battlecruisers, Commandships and Deep Space Transports. It requires 165 Powergrid and 51 CPU. The range is still 100km, spool up 12 seconds and cool down 3 minutes the same as the large version.