What’s coming in Kronos – A dev blog synopsis

EVE Kronos banner

The dev blog detailed the features in Kronos released back on Thursday the 22nd May only tells a small part of the EVE Online Kronos story. Several features which have been very popular with the community have been omitted with many others skimmed over. The obvious stuff is all there with everything from the Prospect to the Mordus Legion ship introductions summarised nicely. However, there are a few points that you could have missed if you read this dev blog and nothing else. Here are the things you would have missed:

Drone changes - The drone changes were skimmed over and large changes such as the rebalancing of sentries and large improvements to MWD speed of medium and heavy drones missed completely. If you want to know more read my review of the giving drones an assist dev blog.

New drone module – There is an additional drone lowslot module for tracking coming in Kronos it might seem something quite minor but new stuff is something that no industrialist wants to miss especially with the profit opportunities on release day.

Typhoon redesign – Likely omitted from the dev blog as a precaution due to time running a little short for the art team. We’re still expecting to see the new design go live as part of Kronos with a little bit of luck.

POS Gunning prerequisites – No confirmation yet but POS gunning requirements are likely to be reduced in Kronos if not it will be part of Crius with the other POS changes. Currently anchoring V is required for starbase defence management with this due to be reduced to IV saving a month in training time.

Color coded broadcasts – One of the little things changes that has been getting a lot of attention color coded broadcasts are being introduced to make it easier to spot what type of assistance people are asking for. This change also helps to distinguish between align orders and something more important such as armor needed broadcasts.

New pirate implants - Low grade implants are being renamed to mid grade with a whole new series of low grade implants added to the game. These will only be found as part of low sec exploration adding yet more value to low sec space. Additionally all implants are having their attribute modifiers increased by one making high grade implants in line with +4’s.

New ship skins for Aurum – 12 new ships skins are coming to the New Eden store as part of Kronos all of which are available to purchase using Aurum.

Pirate ship skin loot – An additional 8 ship skins are coming to Kronos in the form of lowsec pirate faction loot. This is yet another boost to low sec value which is seeing a lot of little things happen to improve the overall value of the space.

Removal of loot spew from exploration – The loot is being reduced to 70% of what is currently available when you consider that players currently avoid cans such as scrap currently this may actually see supply of items like decryptors drop and increase prices.

Drones less skill reliant - Drone interfacing is being dropped to a 10% damage improvement per level compared to the current 20%. The remaining 50% is being given straight to the drones meaning that drones are much easier for new players to get into as a weapon system.

Hyperspatial accelerator module – A new low slot module is being added that increases warp speed by up to 0.3au/s these are only found through exploration once again which serves to give a further boost to low sec space.

Phoenix will suck less - The hull itself is being given a 4% resistance bonus per level which replaces its damage bonus. The damage bonus is being tied into the launchers themselves by improving ROF and there are overall improvements to damage projection with missile velocity increased and flight time decreased for both citadel cruise and torps meaning capitals shouldn’t be able to speed tank Phoenixs any more.

Nosferatu gets some love - With a 16.66% decrease in cycle time comes a 20% improvement in the capacitor drained per second of nosferatu. This is a really powerful bonus especially when combined with the blood bonuses which revert nosferatu to its previous state draining capacitor even when your capacitor is higher than that of your opponent.

There are likely more that have been missed too that I didn’t pick up on when cross referencing my EVE Online Kronos patch notes against the dev blog released last week. Overall Kronos looks pretty small if you only look at that single dev blog however when you dig deeper at all of the changes its actually a massive release with a lot of little quality of life improvements that everyone should notice.