Which Kronos features are delayed?


As previously reported on the EVE online summer release, Kronos, is having some of its features delayed until later in the summer. More specifically the industry features are being delayed 6 weeks until Crius the next expansion due on the 22nd July which is the first release in the move to 10 releases a year.

The features that are being delayed are all of those relating to industry but more specifically:

  • Removal of extra materials
  • Reprocessing changes
  • Industry interface improvements
  • Blueprint ME/TE changes
  • Outpost industry changes
  • POS industry module changes
  • Refining arrays
  • Jump fuel changes for capitals
  • Market groups industry changes
  • Introduction of work teams and related slot costs

However don’t be too disappointed there is still plenty coming in the Kronos release including:

  • Faction warfare improvements
  • Lowsec rat introduction of Mordus faction spawns
  • Modus Legion Faction ships
  • Faction frigates, cruiser and battleship rebalance
  • New warp in and out effects
  • The Prospect advanced mining frigate
  • Drone rebalance and new modules
  • Redesigned Dominix, Typhoon and Condor.
  • Faction skinned stations.
  • Sound customization
  • Mining barge and exhumer changes
  • Additional wormholes linking lowsec to lowsec to improve roaming

I’ll be updating the Kronos patch notes post shortly to amend this information and edit out the features that we won’t be getting until Crius. Whilst it will have been a hard decision for CCP to make I’m glad the industry features have been delayed as it gives me time to rewrite all of my content and test things out on Singularity.

Additionally with less things changing at once it makes it much easier to place bets on what will make the most ISK come Kronos with a lot less unknowns. Additionally with new players unable to jump straight in there won’t be as much competition manufacturing the new items that are being released.

This delay is a perfect example of the new 10 release schedule in action in the past CCP would have released Kronos industry features in the best condition possible which could have ended in a Incarna level disaster if things didn’t work to plan. A 6 week delay is short enough for players to remain happy and also gives plenty of time for us to test and for third party developers to update their industry tools also.

If you want to read more then take a look a the patch note posts for Kronos and Crius.